Photo Shoot at the Birds Garden – Monte Casino

Bird Garden Monte Casio is located in the heart of the lively Northern suburb of Johannesburg.

It was a shiny great day going out in the middle of lovely green landscape, hundreds of colorful birds and awesome atmosphere.

Once in there, one can find and watch closely lots of playful and colorful lovely creatures, some of which are really rare to meet in other area except the very special Bird Garden.

Shooting was fun, good lighting condition, suitable distance for medium telephoto lenses, birds are in a good shape and no viewing obstacles.

The photo examples down here give an idea of how a beautiful experience the Birds Garden can be for the family, couple or even single!

Grey Crowned Crane - Photo Shoot at the Birds Garden - Monte Casino
Grey Crowned Crane

Above: A beautiful Grey Crowned Crane showing up its majesty at Birds Garden

Red Parrot - Photo Shoot Birds garden - Monte Casino
Red Parrot

Above: A lovely Red parrot just finished meal